all kinds of michael kors bags

Suede bag

There are short-haired tactile suede bag with leather mix, designer bags also common style, with elegant gentleman suit or a type of personality casual jeans are appropriate. Because of the unique animal with short hair taken from suede material, fear water moisture, causing mildew. Requiring waterproof to keep dry.
Bread cloth canvas bag

Unlike leather material, but can do more changes, like the recent popularity of cotton, linen, silk, satin, denim, fabric and canvas Ti, thanks to the wave of popularity of tourism and leisure, is the first choice for many people nowadays . Although bread cloth fabric, but just as advanced clothing, not directly to the water wash, the fiber weave, whether water or dust, are easily attached thereto.

Texture, light and tough, specially treated water repellent function has high durability for long-term use. If the general thread, should pay attention to bear the weight of the bag if there are decorative surface strengthening function metal rivets and leather materials, also must be especially careful when cleaning

Rare expensive leather material

Alligator, ostrich, python skin, fur horse, because rare and precious texture looks better, in addition to large-scale leather, the kind of material you can start by a small single product. Once a month the fresh milk and water by mixing one to one ratio, with a soft clean cloth dipped in a mixture. This method not only can effectively remove dust, leather also help prolong the life of the bag. Important: be sure to use a clean cloth after clean, otherwise very easy to become smelly.

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