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  • something want to say about michael kors

    Now when we talk about holidays,we also will comment on the michael kors bags,like the coming new year’s day.We are not only take the bag,but we also take the mood with it.Don’t we?Think about that some friends come together and play,talk,chat,we do everything happy all around.

    In the beginning of new year,i will always buy one bag/handbag for myself.I would like to choose michael kors bag for this 2016 year.Because I like the style and it is worth for me to buy it.Image if you can bring only one thing with you when going outside,what goods will you want to take?For me,it will always be michael kors bag.Don’t try to ask me why,try firstly to follow your heart before you ask any questions.

    Actually,one day is very short,the time will past just as when you turn of and off your computer.So my understanding is trying to enjoy your life and leave the bother things behind.Take your new michael kors handbag and begin your new journey in 2016 year!

  • all kinds of michael kors bags

    Suede bag

    There are short-haired tactile suede bag with leather mix, designer bags also common style, with elegant gentleman suit or a type of personality casual jeans are appropriate. Because of the unique animal with short hair taken from suede material, fear water moisture, causing mildew. Requiring waterproof to keep dry.
    Bread cloth canvas bag

    Unlike leather material, but can do more changes, like the recent popularity of cotton, linen, silk, satin, denim, fabric and canvas Ti, thanks to the wave of popularity of tourism and leisure, is the first choice for many people nowadays . Although bread cloth fabric, but just as advanced clothing, not directly to the water wash, the fiber weave, whether water or dust, are easily attached thereto.

    Texture, light and tough, specially treated water repellent function has high durability for long-term use. If the general thread, should pay attention to bear the weight of the bag if there are decorative surface strengthening function metal rivets and leather materials, also must be especially careful when cleaning

    Rare expensive leather material

    Alligator, ostrich, python skin, fur horse, because rare and precious texture looks better, in addition to large-scale leather, the kind of material you can start by a small single product. Once a month the fresh milk and water by mixing one to one ratio, with a soft clean cloth dipped in a mixture. This method not only can effectively remove dust, leather also help prolong the life of the bag. Important: be sure to use a clean cloth after clean, otherwise very easy to become smelly.

  • Some aspects to tell you how to distinguish mk bag

    There on the package wrapper genuine MK writing watermark, fake bag generally does not have a watermark

    Dust bag of genuine MK bag is exquisite , the car line is very neat.

    Genuine MK package rivet position handle located under the center position, and the groove on the rivet consistent direction rivet position of some high imitation

    MK package will deviate from a number.

    The key point, authentic MK bag material is very soft, comfortable feel. Fake MK feel hard and difficult recovery after deformation.

    Really small ticket myself clear, store information, discount information has; mostly small ticket fake copy, writing is not clear, blur-free discounts, detailed

    information such as bar codes.

    MK genuine lock bag with the main difference in the market of fake cards. Hardware and bottom bracket material, light weight hardware market, gold is dim, the

    bottom bracket material used is poor, there is the feeling of soft, medium size 32X10X24. In addition, the package type limited camera angles.We mainly to see the

    corners and radians. Cross grain cowhide can be the first layer, may also be leather floor, in fact, I carefully compared the leather factory out of the first layer

    and the second floor, the first layer is thin, hard; the second floor is thick, soft, but feel good, more Flexible. We may pay attention, PU can be pressed out

    cross pattern effect, now known as cross pattern leather bag and some on the market is to use PU confuse the public. PU not wear, poor durability. PU leather and

    simple resolution method is to smell the smell.Then smell the leather tanning process of the formation, and PU are chemical products. MK overseas including Hong

    Kong store counters lock bag is stiff.

  • The way thinking of Michael kors

    For a long time I can not have any feelings about Michael Kors bags.I try to ask myself “what should I do to take back the sense?”.But it seems no answer to my stupid questions.Then I try to thnik more about the concept of the brand itself and find I can think the way even if I don’t have the real bags.Sometimes,I am just too tired to take more things on my mind.

    When people is not busy and have plenty time to play off he will try to act like be more busy.The other situation is when people is too busy and he actually has no time to think about other things even to buy a Michael kors.For instance,when you have a baby,you have to work from 8 a.m. to 17:00 and go home in 18:00.When it happens you need to take care of the baby and your wife starts to whisper around you,you must try to find a way out.

    But how to avoid the mess sitution like this?To go away?To be pissed off?Or to face it?When we don’t feel good,we are taking the pressure.One way is to remove the pressure,the way is to figure out the pressure.For me,I’d like to choose the 2nd option.Just don’t be too sad when you face any problems.Be more confidence like you are trying to buy a Michael kors bag.

  • A new michael kors handbag to be recommended

    Simple fashion brand American representative, Michael Kors has always been sought after urban white-collar fashion craze brand family. The American fashion brand will be the perfect integration with the European classic, create casual elegance, gorgeous fashion charm quality products, occupy a seat rare position in the fashion waves. Today recommend a classic style of the brand chain backpack, integrity 6pm specials, if you have a soft spot for the brand, now is the perfect start with a good time.

    Michael Kors Bedford Double female models embossed leather shoulder bag overall style adopted cowhide litchi stripe fabric front in the bag is a metal LOGO buckle dark flip open hekou. Specifications are very law-abiding, tote size, the size of 21.5 154cm. Inside the bag there are two partitions partition, you can put some handy items. Fusion of fashion and classic styles in a backpack, with a strong texture with a metal chain strap, simple and elegant, fashion wild, very practical.

  • Michael Kors’s many problems can be attributed to an error: the rapid expansion.  

    Michael Kors is currently equipped with 4133 stores worldwide, including brand stores, department stores and discount stores. And in 2013, the number of stores was only 2913. Expand scale of shops shocked the industry.
    Michael Kors has said it is still possible to continue to increase hundreds of stores. While the establishment of more stores can bring profits to rise in the short term, but at the same time the brand brings injury.
    Industry experts Robin Lewis compared the Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger two brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger is to reach the pinnacle of popularity at the end of 1990 and then decline. He wrote in his blog, the high popularity is light luxury brand’s “kiss of death”, especially for those young consumers to high-end positioning of the brand.
    Michael Kors was the dream of everyone brands, consumers rush to pay its high price. But once everyone has it, it will no longer popular. Many other brands also experienced this situation, such as Juicy Couture, Jordach and Coach.
    Lewis said, Michael Kors also has several different price brands, but this strategy can easily backfire. MK both in the high-end department stores selling brand, but also in the middle market and in discount stores selling brand.
    “Some people would argue that these different levels of competing brands will ultimately lead to a situation, and then gradually engulfed the high-end product line.” Lewis expressed. In other words, if consumers see MK discount they can be purchased at half price of these commodities, they will not go to department stores to spend 300 dollars to buy a similar product.

  • Michael kors will always know what people want

    MK will always know what the girls think? Always grasp the hearts of consumers, so that the beauty of friends to have a suitable own bag, eye-catching fashion style in fashion circle and quickly occupied the place. In fact, we should know, MK’s style has been very casual and fashion, is a typical American style, its brand bag design as well. Colorful color, high-grade quality, simple design, can meet the needs of many women. So, Michael Kors always know what girls want.

    “Jet Set” is the eternal charm – no matter when and where, every step of the confident and elegant, sexy and stylish. This is the Michael Kors brand concept. As if overnight, the designer brand from the United States would suddenly burst red up and become the hottest brand this year, even more so some businesses to emulate, but to uphold the MK has been imitated, never surpassed attitude proudly in fashion circles. MK stylish, practical design, moderate prices, has become a necessary manpower of the package. Pretty Girl, simple and stylish, comfortable, dress is not about money, status, just depends on your attitude toward life, and that is the purpose of Micheal Kors brand.

  • Michael Kors!!!

    Heyday of Michael Kors

    2011 to early 2014 Michael Kors heyday, April 2014 Michael Kors revenue for the first time beyond the old light luxury brand Coach. And a record high share price to close at $ 101.04 a share, reaching a record peak. At that timeMichael Kors has been laid dominance light luxury brands.

    Around 2011 and 2014, this year, Michael Kors internally generated many important reforms, including: October 2012 Harper’s Bazaar features director Michael Kors quit as vice president of global communications, the same year in November to appoint Ron Offir for e-commerce senior vice president. January 24, 2013, Michael Kors launched Chinese website, officially entered the Chinese market. July 2014 appointed German Hugo Boss Group (Hugo Boss AG) former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Brashear America as its global men’s CEO.

    Heyday suddenly hit

    Michael Kors immersed in dreams crazy expansion to expand the market, but the reality gave Michael Kors a heavy blow. In the beginning of August 2014, Michael Kors stock price began to fall, the Wall Street are very un-satisfied to Michael Kors gross margins, as of the first quarter of 2015, Michael Kors has not yet stabilized.

  • michael kors in my heart

    During New Year’s Day, Michael kors went alone to USA with guilty heart so just before back pumping two hours to go back to the LD. What goods? Michael kors handbags. Intends to take the opportunity to buy a small coach to the team but mysteriously into the MK shop, then attracted by the wallet. Given that Estee Lauder has throw $ 1000, that’s not much of a wallet, buy buy buy.

    [Goods: Michael Kors / MK new Ms. fashion classic purse wallet card pack 32F2GFTE3L long black money] to buy back, then the last leg of the day to play the final last trip subway ride about to arrive last station, old – money – package – were stolen in Rome.More than a thief really deserved reputation, and, as Internet rumors, a group of teenager estimate and down!!! car shoving mob, taking advantage of the confusion to start with. After returning home to come up with a logical new wallet, and will have today the michael kors handbags. Prices already said 119 + 9.8% of the tax. Directly on the photo below (there are a few red camera picture was taken, it was troublesome to change phone shot).

  • New apartment of michael kors

    US media recently rumored, American fashion designer and the reality show “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors will spend 17 million to 21 million US dollars to buy a place in New York West Village (West Village) top luxury apartment. The apartment belongs to Greenwich Lane complex project, recently completed, access to the LEED certification, also occupied in New York due to saving countless lives and has a “beacon of Greenwich Village,” said St. Vincent’s Hospital site. “New York Post” that the legendary penthouse has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.

    Full extension of the ground area is 4,636 square foot apartment with a 50-foot living room, a kitchen with a dining area, and an area of 799 square feet, a private rooftop terrace with views of the Empire State Building views, asking for $ 18,750,000 . Mr. Coles now lives living in a 2200 square feet, the New York West Village apartment with a balcony. He and Lance gay husband? Lepei Lei (Lance LaPere) in November 2005 to $ 3,995,000 purchase price of this apartment, and after winning interior designer Glen? Justin music (Glenn Gisler) redesign. This couple traveled around the world still quiet Mizushima (Water Island) occupies a waterfront residence, 2001 Coles price of $ 950,000 bought this sea view room. Property records show that at the end of 2013, the couple quietly through the property management company delivered LLC