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  • Brief introduction for Michael Kors

    Michael Kors embodies its own brand of American casual style. Then he how to treat the relationship between Celine and their own brand? “They will be very different. I am a typical American style, but Celine noble and beautiful, representing international, such as it is commonly used in silk, chiffon, gorgeous leather these expensive fabrics. We both combine personality, extravagant in with romantic. I did Celine new clothes, which reflect the reality of women’s lives, can be very childish to be more mature. ”

    Today, Michael Kors is always non-stop between New York and Paris, Celine headquarters. His famous quote: “For the senior apparel brand, it is not a sin to make the clothes show up in the street.”

    Michael Kors 09 early spring vacation series
    Michael Kors 09 spring series of three colors of red and black with blue-based, with a large number of silk fabrics, with dazzling color and soft luster impress consumers. Michael Kors fashion with a strong modern sense of the city, emphasizing the perfect combination of real wear clothing and fashion degree. The difference is that ordinary clothing, the exclusive series will be more focused on feeling comfortable prominent leisure clothing more bold use of color free, loose blouses and dresses Slim Jie, with large jewelry with strong ethnic style, let you easily enjoy the clothing brings
    you elegant and comfortable.

  • MK introduction

    Mk is the American designer Michael Kors brand name, he is a minimalist, simple and clear design style, like using advanced fabrics sewing garments. In addition to Michael Kors fashion show series brand outside, Michael Kors in 2004 established MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors in the two sub-brand owned. What is mk bag? It is actually MICHAEL range of products, it’s full name should be Michael Kors.

    How is Mk bag?

    Mk belongs to the second-tier luxury brands, as to those top luxury goods, Michael Kors price is relatively close to the people, and make people happy on design and materials. Michael Kors overall consumption level is high-end, mk brand style,simple and clear, the biggest feature is good at absorbing, good at finding design inspiration from other brands, and then through their own interpretation and design into a Michael Kors taste of products.

    MK bag price

    Michael Kors Ms. classic lock bag leather messenger bag, MK family is relatively well-known a lock bag, package material aspects of the use of texture leather, lock type signature identification card with MICHAEL KORS clasp, generous personality while highlighting brand. Price: ¥ 3258. Mk bag prices between 3100-11000!

    MK bag Features

    The following inventory mk bag the most classic style. Hamilton has the most classic series of bags lock style design, with leather material, the chain shoulder strap, so that the whole bag highlights the luxury style, but not casual temperament. mk bag style design is very fashion, high-capacity design, and better able to meet your daily needs. Many big names are sought after models. In addition, MK classic printing, pale yellow leather trim, so enjoy the interpretation of fine qualities, to bring you a different sense of fashion, increasing the bag female temperament, give you a grace.

  • Michael kors and kate spade

    Speaking of the early years of the United States of light luxury brands, people first thought must be Coach. However, with the luxury market

    younger, diversification, Kate Spade all these years has been more favourite by young women, while Michael Kors (MK) also gradually emerge

    by consumers. More than half of the women who is willing to purchase these two brands.

    Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) Why popular?
    First: last year or two in the global shop amount grows very fast, because the shop large stimulus fast sales growth.
    Second: consumers have formed consumer inertia of the traditional old luxury, they need new brands to meet their diverse needs.
    Third: brand high cost of these so-called light luxury, the price will not be as expensive as the luxury line, but the quality can be, and

    the design is very trendy and stylish.

    Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bag which is better?
    Many people will ask these two brands of bags which is better, generally if we judge the merits of a brand, will use a large sentence saying

    “Which of your will which is good.” In fact Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bag price positioning is consistent, so that the majority

    of the young sister and Older women who can go along with the heart, with their own clothes closet, choose your favorite style.

  • michael kors female handbags history

    In 1978, Mike Coles started working at the New York fashion institute. After leaving there, he got a job as a designer and sales, and began to contact some fashion celebrities, such as singer Diana Ross and Barbara Streisand , but he also learned what clothes women want. In 1981, Bergdorf Goodman (the famous American tradition and fashion department store)know that there is such a young talent, give him the orders, this is the beginning of Michael kors handbags / dress brand.

    In the early 90’s, in the United States to set off a wave of leisure, Michael Kors became very popular, but also attracted the attention of the French luxury group. LVMH make him the creative director of those famous but old fur and Celine garment. LVMH also bought 1/3 of the shares of Michael Kors.

    In 2004, Mike Kors set up the “MICHAEL Michael Kors” and “KORS Michael Kors” two sub brands. KORS Michael Kors for the Michael Kors fashion series and the MICHAEL Michael Kors middle series. MICHAEL Michael Kors series of products, including handbags, shoes and clothing series. And KORS Michael Kors products have shoes and jeans.

    May 8, 2014, Michael kors Shanghai Jingan Kerry Centre flagship store opening, Michael kors handbags / women’s series of products officially entered the Chinese market.

    Today, Michael kors handbags / women has become the most popular brands in the United States, and has more than 500 individual brand shops around the world. Mike Kores leisure clothing development become a clothing classification which almost classified into American sports and , Michael kors handbags / women has become the world’s most famous light luxury brand.

  • Some information about michael kors

    In the luxury goods sector, there are a plagiarism king –MichaelKors. It is like a monster, pounce Chinese market. What happend to michael kors? I just returned from Hong Kong . whether it is Harbour City Citygate store or discount store, are full of people. Coach has been replaced by the US MichaelKors. This is to worship Coach of the style of the main line of high-end transformation for discount stores to open up a new line –CoachFactory, the sale of some of the basic models distinctive Logo, paragraph number with a letter in front of F as distinction. Over time, customers feel to be treated differently, abandoned Coach. The beautiful colors, fashion models, frequently discount on the “American luxury life style represents” MichaelKors become a favorite.

    MichaelKors luxury goods sector is re-energized template. It is a good foundation, namesake designer MichaelKors served as creative director of Celine, was awarded the CFDA (National Association of Fashion Designers) Design Award for life, but also because of the television show “Runway” , a household name in the United States ʱ?? But the situation is not ideal personal brand management in the 1990s on the verge of bankruptcy. 2003 Chinese tycoon Chou and his partners LawrenceStroll to $ 100 million acquisition of MichaelKors85% stake, promise to fight the $ 1 billion world-class brand. Also from this moment, MichaelKors get rid of traces of designer brands in the world, it opened more than 500 retail outlets, sales of explosive growth, listed on the New York Stock Exchange by the end of 2011, the current valuation of the company amounted to $ 15.7 billion.