How about Michael Kors bags?

In general, MK handbags for women is not bad, I go to Hong Kong to buy one, the kind of relatively large, also went to see the coach original bag.All bags in the MK

store will attract people when the time I find it, overall color bright side, sellers said, the United States first lady are in use, but also to listen to some of

my friends said, and now this is a new brand, very popular in the United States, price is probably more than 2000-3000 RMB, personally feel that the design of the

bag is relatively simple atmosphere, I liked, the Internet has a lot of imitation, it is recommended to the store to buy, Hong Kong is indeed cheaper

American fashion brand, product line covers: handbags, clothing, glasses, etc. fields. New brand, but is very popular in foreign countries. MK sales and popularity

in the United States and other developed countries have far more popular than COACH and other second-tier brands. MK recent years actively explore the Asian market,

especially China market. Is expected within three years, MK’s stores will cover domestic cities. In addition, MK foundries basically in China. So there is a lot MK

outflet end of a single cargo market. These goods can be purchased online, but also to keep your eyes open. As far as I know, now MK also has a lot of fakes. In

particular, some real ones high imitation goods. MK in the price of America’s official website: large package generally 200-900 dollars, about $ 150 purse. MK

classic package type is: lock bag and open square tote shopping bag.

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