Michael kors and kate spade

Speaking of the early years of the United States of light luxury brands, people first thought must be Coach. However, with the luxury market

younger, diversification, Kate Spade all these years has been more favourite by young women, while Michael Kors (MK) also gradually emerge

by consumers. More than half of the women who is willing to purchase these two brands.

Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) Why popular?
First: last year or two in the global shop amount grows very fast, because the shop large stimulus fast sales growth.
Second: consumers have formed consumer inertia of the traditional old luxury, they need new brands to meet their diverse needs.
Third: brand high cost of these so-called light luxury, the price will not be as expensive as the luxury line, but the quality can be, and

the design is very trendy and stylish.

Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bag which is better?
Many people will ask these two brands of bags which is better, generally if we judge the merits of a brand, will use a large sentence saying

“Which of your will which is good.” In fact Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bag price positioning is consistent, so that the majority

of the young sister and Older women who can go along with the heart, with their own clothes closet, choose your favorite style.

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