Michael kors on good end

When Coach CEO Lew Frankfort are still worried about poor performance in the North American market, his rivals John Idol in this round of “light luxury” Competition in finally can breathe, he not only led by Michael Kors in the “base camp” North American harvest 25% same-store sales growth. In the global market, Michael Kors Group net profit growth of 82%.

At present the biggest challenge for Michael Kors should be how to please a stubborn part of European consumers, because they often about the United States luxury fashion . Another point unfavorable factors that Michael Kors start small scale, products and brands in the industry compared to the lack of diversity –LVMH Group’s product catalog has been covered from Cognac to fine jewelry, KERING’s the big gathering, including Gucci and Saint Laurent.

According to Bain & Company report showed that people and European tourists to Europe contributed 34% of the global luxury goods trading, Europe is a veritable battleground between high-end brands. Bain & Company estimates that the global luxury market last year produced a total of $ 300 billion in sales.

Since the Michael kors in 2011 listed the brand in the growing European market has brought an increase of nearly five times stock.

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