Michael Kors won the first China free mall network authorization

Fossil was founded in 1984, is the first to combine the value of watches and the perfect combination of the American brand, 2014, the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Fossil jumped into one of the most popular brands in the United states.

In the beginning, fossil group took out one hundred points of sincerity,in which Michael kors watch is China’s first network authorization. Cooperation between the two sides, fossil value is not only free mall the background of the enterprise, is on the free store respect for the consumer, promote consumer safety management attitude of identity. The future, will also further in-depth cooperation, let more categories in the free store. Through in free mall brand authorization, free mall will also convey the fossil behind the brand story, the trend of life to every consumer, set up a bridge for communication between the brand and the consumer. free mall relevant responsible person said: “free mall to sell is not only the product itself and a high-quality lifestyle.”

The rapid development of the Internet, the dependence on the rise of electronic commerce industry showing a “double” increased hurriedly chase scene. In this context, free mall will focus stop in the commodity attribute itself, guarantee the quality of goods, for which the consumer is responsible. Also create free mall is different to other providers of differentiation, with mature brand authorization mechanism, obtain the authorization of the well-known brand, at a lower price by the strength of the brand into the market quickly, behind the brand of many users to share.

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