Michael Kors!!!

Heyday of Michael Kors

2011 to early 2014 Michael Kors heyday, April 2014 Michael Kors revenue for the first time beyond the old light luxury brand Coach. And a record high share price to close at $ 101.04 a share, reaching a record peak. At that timeMichael Kors has been laid dominance light luxury brands.

Around 2011 and 2014, this year, Michael Kors internally generated many important reforms, including: October 2012 Harper’s Bazaar features director Michael Kors quit as vice president of global communications, the same year in November to appoint Ron Offir for e-commerce senior vice president. January 24, 2013, Michael Kors launched Chinese website, officially entered the Chinese market. July 2014 appointed German Hugo Boss Group (Hugo Boss AG) former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Brashear America as its global men’s CEO.

Heyday suddenly hit

Michael Kors immersed in dreams crazy expansion to expand the market, but the reality gave Michael Kors a heavy blow. In the beginning of August 2014, Michael Kors stock price began to fall, the Wall Street are very un-satisfied to Michael Kors gross margins, as of the first quarter of 2015, Michael Kors has not yet stabilized.

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