Michael Kors’s many problems can be attributed to an error: the rapid expansion.  

Michael Kors is currently equipped with 4133 stores worldwide, including brand stores, department stores and discount stores. And in 2013, the number of stores was only 2913. Expand scale of shops shocked the industry.
Michael Kors has said it is still possible to continue to increase hundreds of stores. While the establishment of more stores can bring profits to rise in the short term, but at the same time the brand brings injury.
Industry experts Robin Lewis compared the Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger two brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger is to reach the pinnacle of popularity at the end of 1990 and then decline. He wrote in his blog, the high popularity is light luxury brand’s “kiss of death”, especially for those young consumers to high-end positioning of the brand.
Michael Kors was the dream of everyone brands, consumers rush to pay its high price. But once everyone has it, it will no longer popular. Many other brands also experienced this situation, such as Juicy Couture, Jordach and Coach.
Lewis said, Michael Kors also has several different price brands, but this strategy can easily backfire. MK both in the high-end department stores selling brand, but also in the middle market and in discount stores selling brand.
“Some people would argue that these different levels of competing brands will ultimately lead to a situation, and then gradually engulfed the high-end product line.” Lewis expressed. In other words, if consumers see MK discount they can be purchased at half price of these commodities, they will not go to department stores to spend 300 dollars to buy a similar product.

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