MK market share

MK is the first in the past few years the United States listed the designer brand, and its current market value (about 11.1 billion US dollars) more than a century

of British veteran Burberry (Burberry, worth about $ 9.5 billion).

Remarkably, the brand behind “Hero” is the Hong Kong Yongxin Group President Chou. “Daily Economic News” reporter learned that, although the initial layout of the

brand into the Chinese market remained cautious, but the market is still optimistic about its growth potential in China.

Investment Advisor in the financial industry researcher Huo Xiaohua said that since MK steadily rising share price, the market value also rising. Its positioning in

the high-end clothing accessories, relatively inexpensive, but high gross margins; on the other hand, MK brand is relatively mature, with the majority of the

audience and the market needs and provide long-term support for the company’s performance needs.
Michael Kors established in 1981, through the “MichaelKorsCollection” “KorsMichaelKors” “MichaelMichaelKo-rs” three product lines to develop advanced male and

female fashion, handbags, shoes, perfumes, accessories and other products.

According to i Wall Street analysts , development MK accessories, is undoubtedly wise. Data from AltagammaStudies show from 2005 to 2010, the fastest growing luxury

accessories, the annual compound growth rate of 9%, in 2010 global sales of $ 57.5 billion accessories, accounting for 25 percent of the luxury goods industry.

Accessories also in 2007 and 2009 only sales growth during the economic downturn of the luxury category.

December 15 2011, MK listed on the NYSE, 25% higher than the issue price of $ 25 opening, the market subscription warm, IPO issuance of 4720 million shares were

offered for sale from a major shareholder. Creating 32 years, MK current market capitalization of $ 10,825,000,000.

Huo Xiaohua believes that since MK from the market, stock prices soared, which key is MK maintain a good level of performance and good expectations of investors.

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