Some aspects to tell you how to distinguish mk bag

There on the package wrapper genuine MK writing watermark, fake bag generally does not have a watermark

Dust bag of genuine MK bag is exquisite , the car line is very neat.

Genuine MK package rivet position handle located under the center position, and the groove on the rivet consistent direction rivet position of some high imitation

MK package will deviate from a number.

The key point, authentic MK bag material is very soft, comfortable feel. Fake MK feel hard and difficult recovery after deformation.

Really small ticket myself clear, store information, discount information has; mostly small ticket fake copy, writing is not clear, blur-free discounts, detailed

information such as bar codes.

MK genuine lock bag with the main difference in the market of fake cards. Hardware and bottom bracket material, light weight hardware market, gold is dim, the

bottom bracket material used is poor, there is the feeling of soft, medium size 32X10X24. In addition, the package type limited camera angles.We mainly to see the

corners and radians. Cross grain cowhide can be the first layer, may also be leather floor, in fact, I carefully compared the leather factory out of the first layer

and the second floor, the first layer is thin, hard; the second floor is thick, soft, but feel good, more Flexible. We may pay attention, PU can be pressed out

cross pattern effect, now known as cross pattern leather bag and some on the market is to use PU confuse the public. PU not wear, poor durability. PU leather and

simple resolution method is to smell the smell.Then smell the leather tanning process of the formation, and PU are chemical products. MK overseas including Hong

Kong store counters lock bag is stiff.

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