Some information about michael kors

In the luxury goods sector, there are a plagiarism king –MichaelKors. It is like a monster, pounce Chinese market. What happend to michael kors? I just returned from Hong Kong . whether it is Harbour City Citygate store or discount store, are full of people. Coach has been replaced by the US MichaelKors. This is to worship Coach of the style of the main line of high-end transformation for discount stores to open up a new line –CoachFactory, the sale of some of the basic models distinctive Logo, paragraph number with a letter in front of F as distinction. Over time, customers feel to be treated differently, abandoned Coach. The beautiful colors, fashion models, frequently discount on the “American luxury life style represents” MichaelKors become a favorite.

MichaelKors luxury goods sector is re-energized template. It is a good foundation, namesake designer MichaelKors served as creative director of Celine, was awarded the CFDA (National Association of Fashion Designers) Design Award for life, but also because of the television show “Runway” , a household name in the United States ʱ?? But the situation is not ideal personal brand management in the 1990s on the verge of bankruptcy. 2003 Chinese tycoon Chou and his partners LawrenceStroll to $ 100 million acquisition of MichaelKors85% stake, promise to fight the $ 1 billion world-class brand. Also from this moment, MichaelKors get rid of traces of designer brands in the world, it opened more than 500 retail outlets, sales of explosive growth, listed on the New York Stock Exchange by the end of 2011, the current valuation of the company amounted to $ 15.7 billion.

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